NeBIO: JUNE 2013

Vol. 4, No. 3, June 2013
ISSN 2278-2281(Online Version) ISSN 0976-3597(Print Version)
Official publication of NECEER, Imphal

NeBIO I Vol. 4, No. 3, June 2013
Page: 1-5
Toxicodendron bimannii (Anacardiaceae), a new species from Assam, India
H.A. Barbhuiya
Page: 6-9

Biochemical distinction in Dimorphic Culms of Bambusa balcooa – A Potential Bamboo species of North-East India
Kanika Karmakar, S. Sinha and R.K. Sinha
Page: 10-13

Wild plants used as vegetables by the rural folks of Meghalaya, North-East India
B. Wankhar, H. Swer, N.C. Marbaniang, F.S. Khonglah, S. Jyrwa, D. Kharkongor
Page: 14-18

Forest encroachment mapping in Jiribam Sub-Division of Imphal East District, Manipur, North East India using RS and GIS techniques
Kh Romesh Singh, Aparajita De and Sudhakar Reddy Chintala
Page: 19-20
Smilax lanceifolia Roxb. (Smilacaceae) – a new record to the Flora of Assam
S. Baruah and S. K. Borthakur
Page: 21-23

Induced breeding of carp minnow Puntius chola (Hamilton, 1822) with synthetic hormone WOVA-FH
Yurembam Motilan, Waikhom Vishwanath and Yumnam Bedajit
Page: 24-27
Biodiversity of Siroi hill: Need for conservation
Biseshwori Thongam and Bipin Konsam
Page: 28-31
Amphibians of East District of Sikkim, with notes on their natural history
L. Alley, D. Musahary and S. Sengupta
Page: 32-35
Ritual Plants of the Meitei Community of Manipur, Northeast India
N. Bijayalaxmi Devi
Page: 36-40

Activity pattern and diurnal time budget of Swamp Deer (Rucervus Duvaucelii duvaucelii) in Jhilmil Jheel Conservation Reserve, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India
Rachna Tewari and Gopal Singh Rawat
Page: 41-46

Conservation of critically endangered medicinal plant Curcuma caesia in the natural forests of Mandla district, Madhya Pradesh
Manish Mishra
Page: 47-52
Cultural elements for scientific knowledge in the design of a proposal of environmental education
Maria Angelica Mejia C Mg
Page: 53-57

Bear Conservation needs artistic approach-21st International Conference on Bear Research and Management
Biba Jasmine Kaur
Page: 58-64*
Pollution and its effect on environment and biodiversity in the city of Taj Mahal
K. Vasanta
Page: 65-71 
Phytochemistry and identification of bioactive compounds of ethnobotanically important species Dryopteris cochleata (D.Don) C.Chr.
Shweta Singh and Rita Singh